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A Public Servant

Councilman Dr. Nabi

Nabi Pic Councilman.jpg

Councilman Dr. Nuran Nabi,

Plainsboro, Township

A Politician

Dr. Nuran Nabi , a Politician

  • Currently serving as a councilman of Plainsboro Township, New Jersey, USA  since 2007.

  • He was re-elected three times with comfortable votes.

  • Liaison for Department of Recreation, Community Services and Human Relations Committee of the Plainsboro Township.

  • Member of the Board of Directors of Plainsboro Free Public Library Foundation.

  • Member of the Plainsboro Township Planning Board from 2006-2007.

  • Former Member of the Plainsboro Township Human Relations Committee.

  • Member of the Plainsboro Democratic Club since 1994.

  • Currently Member of Middlesex County Democratic Organization.

  • Member of the Democratic National Committee.

It is noted that Dr. Nabi is a renowned scientist, a brave freedom fighter, a prolific writer, a human rights activist, and a dedicated community leader. He  has retired from Colgate Palmolive Company as an Associate Director of Technology in 2006 and decided to join in public service.


Plainsboro Township, near Princeton in Central Jersey, has 25,000 population of which only 10% are  minority population including 5% Asian origin and rest 90%  are white population. Dr. Nabi's election to the Plainsboro Township is a significant event in this diversified demographic population. He has been assigned as liaison for the department of recreation, community services and human relations committee. Integration of diversified population to the mainstream population is one of my goals, said Councilman Dr. Nabi. I will use my leadership to bring the community together, he added.


2007 Swearing Ceremony

Swear in Pic 2010.png

Township Clark Ms. Pat Hullfish conducted the swear in ceremony in the presence of Mayor Peter Cantu and other officials as well as his wife  Dr. Zeenat Nabi and son Mushfik Nabi.  


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